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A Tribute to Earth Day @ NYC  ARTBOXEXPO

In April 2023 the multi-generational and international art collaboration Team


Gerhard Knolmayer X Sarah Montani X APTIQ

presented the artwork

"A Tribute to Earth Day"

at the NYC ARTBOXEXPO. We created a video based on the virtual globe you may have already recognized by visiting the related artwork at 

"Augmented Reality Art Addresses Global Heating".

If you are not familiar with the virtual globe yet, we recommend to visit this page.

At the New York City ARTBOXEXPO, we showed a still from the video; on this page, we can show the video itself.

A Tribute to Earth Day

Gerhard Knolmayer X Sarah Montani X APTIQ, Augmented Art X Video, 2023

The video can be seen as a portent:
It uses the virtual planet to illustrate the deterioration of our real world as an exaggeration of the effects that will occur if we cannot limit the temperature rise to an acceptable level.

This year's Earth Day took place on April 22. This is also the day when the main event of the exhibition was scheduled. Therefore, we dedicated our artwork as A Tribute to Earth Day.

7_Landkarte zu Veranstaltungen Earth Day .jpg

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