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The multi-generational and international collaboration team 

Gerhard Knolmayer X Sarah Montani X APTIQ

is delighted to have been selected for presenting their Augmented Reality Artworks at the New York City ARTBOXEXPO which opened its doors

April 17-26, 2023.

In this exhibition we showed 2 objects based on Augmented Reality Art:

"Augmented Reality Art Addresses Global Heating"

"A Tribute to Earth Day"

These objects are based on Gerhard's painting "A Blue Planet Turning Red," which he later complimented by 2 related paintings: 

"Africa & Europe Turning Red" and

"Asia & Oceania Truning Red".

The original work was renamed "The Americas Turning Red".

242_A Blue Planet Turning Red 80x80 ÖL 2022.JPG

This triptych shows how the land areas on our blue planet are turning red, symbolizing the dry, hot landscapes through colors we associate with deserts. The names of the paintings emphasize that the climate crises is a global phenomenon.

Please follow the links to gain more information on the two artworks displayed in New York City.

Augmented Reality Art @ NYC  ARTBOXEXPO

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