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Art Lab California, Los Angeles

February 1-15, 2023

Gerhard Knolmayer was very excited when he was invited to an exhibition in Los Angeles - his first presentation in the US!

In an international collaboration between Gerhard Knolmayer, Sarah Montani, Joey Montani and Jamie G.F, an Augmented Art installation "Our Planet Turning Red" was created based on Gerhard’s image "Americas Turning Red". The development process of this virtual globe is described on Sarah's page.


In the video below, you can see how this virtual planet arrived at the Art Lab and how it found a convenient location in the exhibition rooms.


The exhibition was organized in hybrid form:

In addition to physically displayed visual works, other works were shown on oversized screens. This proved very convenient for the presentation of our Augmented Art object.

Although several major art fairs were held in Los Angeles in February 2023 (including Frieze Los Angeles and the L.A. Art Show), we assume that there were no installations at these fairs that made artistic use of Augmented Reality techniques.


The organizers' summary: "The pop-up show was a great success and the visitors were excited about the different artworks on our screens."

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